Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What to do with old shirts....

Hi, I hope you all know me better because of the last post (if you haven't read it yet please do) this week I thought I would do something that recently I have been craving.... D.I.Y shirts

Tied crop top

This is a top that I adore with a little knot at the front and is pretty easy too!
 Basically get your old t-shirt and place it on the table and cut off the sleeves (optional) then cut half way up the torso creating a W shape for you to tie a knot. Then on the freshly cut edges pull them so they don't look as amateur (you will see what I mean If you decide to make one of these tops!  

Tip: If you already have a knot top undo the knot to see how you cut it

Fringe tank top!

I really love fringed tops - they are really cute and great for summer this time nobody's will look the same since you can make the fringe different lengths; you could make the whole thing shorter or longer ; and you could have loads of different designs and patterns!
Lets get started (lol), first you will need to cut your sleeves off since the fringe looks much better without them. Next cut up the bottom of your shirt and start making the fringe remember after every piece of fringe pull it so its more professional. Once you have finished all of the strands you are done.

Tip: Knot the end of each strand and cut off the excess for a neater and cleaner looking fringe :)

Geo x
Ps. Sorry for the late post family bussiness happened :(