Monday, 26 August 2013

D.I.Y Lipstick

So recently I did a poll to decide which post I should do next and the results showed 50/50 with beauty and D.I.Y so I decided to combine them and tell you how to make lipstick....Out of crayons ! I hope you enjoy :)

A lot of you will be sitting there and thinking that this could be really dangerous but I swear to you that its not. Crayons are non-toxic because if you think about it children sit there shoving them up there noses and mouths and they are still fine so lets get started.

You will need:

Coconut oil
A pan
A bowl
And somewhere to keep your lipsticks (maybe a recycled bottle top)

1.In the pan heat up some water and put a bowl on top of it so the heat is less harsh and it doesn't burn the crayons.

2.Put around 1 and a 1/2 table spoons of coconut oil into the bowl and cut of about an inch (2.5 cm) of the crayon in and wait around 30 seconds mixing it the whole time. (DON'T KEEP THE WRAPPER ON)

3. Test the colours on the back of your hand if its too sheer add some more crayons and vice versa.

4.Pour the colours into a container and wait for them to dry.

5.Once they are dry apply with either your finger or a brush.

Thank you for reading I hope you like this and  you try it at home :)
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Geo x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Back 2 school makeup

Year 7

On the first day I wouldn't wear any makeup if your not sure how much your allowed (if any) be sure to ask but if you already know this is what I think you should wear:

Start with some loose powder and lightly dust it across your face, if you have any imperfections then use some liquid concealer to  fix them first. Make sure you use your index finger to spread it out since a lot of you  already know that it is the most cushiony.

After that to make your cheeks look beautiful and rosy using a slanted brush (if you don't have one just use a regular face brush) apply some pink blusher along the apples of your cheeks (to find them smile). :D

Next curl your eyelashes with a eyelash curler to create an illusion of longer lashes and using some coloured lip balm e.g. baby lips or Vaseline put it on you lips and you are ready to go.

Year 8

Be sure to moisturise and prime your face before you put any make up on to be sure that it will stay on all day.

Start with some green concealer to cover up the redness you might start getting after that use some liquid concealer to fix any spots or breakouts that you have apply this with a small flat brush and blend. Dust your face with a small amount of loose powder and contour with some bronzer.
Next curl your eyelashes with a eyelash curler to create an illusion of longer lashes and put on a small amount of mascara (IF ITS ALLOWED).After that just use a lip and cheek stain to give yourself some colour.

Year 9

 In the morning when you wake up moisturise and scrub your face to clean it and help those spots!

For the makeup start by priming your face before you put any make up on to be sure that it will stay on all day.
Start with some green concealer to perfect the redness you might have after that use some liquid concealer to fix those spots or breakouts that you have apply this with a small flat brush and blend.  Apply some pressed powder around your face and contour with some bronzer. Use some highlighter if you wish.
Next to make your cheeks look  rosy use a slanted brush apply some pink blusher along the apples of your cheeks (to find them smile). :D

Next curl your eyelashes with a eyelash curler to create longer lashes and put on some mascara (IF ITS ALLOWED).After that just use a lip lacquer or stick to make your lips pop .

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Geo x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

DIY room ideas

Here is just a few ideas to help you spice up your room using things that you can find around the house I hope you enjoy :) -

Idea 1 :
Glitter lanterns

You will need-

  • An empty jam jar
  • Glitter
  • PVA glue
  • A sponge
  • A candle

Firstly wash out your jar until its squeaky clean and dry it , make sure the label is completely off. With a sponge cover the inside in PVA glue make sure there is no gaps. Tip some glitter into the jar and turn the jar round so the glitter covers the edges (choose any colour ) tip out  the excess and wait for  it to dry. Once it's dry cover it in another layer of glue and wait again. Put a candle into the jar and there you have it - a beautiful lantern perfect for spicing up your room!

Idea 2 :
Picture frame wall

You will need-

  • A load of old picture frames
  • Paint
  • Pictures and wallpaper

 This is optional but if you want a more co-ordinated look paint all your frames to match (gold looks pretty).
Arrange your frames on the floor to your liking then  choose some wallpaper or pictures off Google then print them to fit your frames.
Hang up your frames and VOILA your blank wall looks beautiful.

This idea would be great for that one boring wall in your room .

Idea 3:
Basket shelves

You will need-

  • Baskets
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Electric drill

All you need to do is drill a hole  in the wall and hammer through the shelves into the wall (don't forget to ask a parent for help if you need it ) . Also there is a thing that you need to put into the hole before you hammer it through you could probably Google it or ask someone else that might know.

Idea 4:
Good things jar

You will need-

  • A jar
  • Post its
  • sharpie 

There are tonnes of videos on YouTube about this and honestly I don't know who originally came up with it but I thought I might share it with you if you haven't heard of it before. This one is probably the easiest all you do is write the coming year e.g. 2014 (in the picture I could  only find a 2013 one) and every time something good happens you write it on a post it fold it up and put it in your jar. then at the end on the year you can look back at all the good things that happened to you!

Idea 5:
Picture name

  • A camera
  • some printed off letters
  • A frame with as many sections as letters in you name (e.g. Georgia you would need 7 but Alex only 4)

For this all you need to do is take pictures of yourself or your family holding printed out letters from your name then frame it. You could hang this on your wall above your bed or something and I think it looks really cute :) 

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

My favourites :)

Colour - Coral

Food - Pasta

Season - Summer

Occasion - Christmas

Day - Saturday

Movie - Just go with it

T.V show - Americas next top model

Song at the moment - Best song ever by One Direction

Sport - badminton

Animal - West-highland terrier

And that was ten of my favourite things  post yours in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe.
Thanks foe reading goooooddddbyyyyeeeeee

Geo x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Hiya, recently I have started watching Japanese music videos especially some by kyary pumyu pumyu. They are so weird and random but thts why I love them lol my faverouite is called tskema tskemu tho. They are so weird and random. 

Geo x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What to do with old shirts....

Hi, I hope you all know me better because of the last post (if you haven't read it yet please do) this week I thought I would do something that recently I have been craving.... D.I.Y shirts

Tied crop top

This is a top that I adore with a little knot at the front and is pretty easy too!
 Basically get your old t-shirt and place it on the table and cut off the sleeves (optional) then cut half way up the torso creating a W shape for you to tie a knot. Then on the freshly cut edges pull them so they don't look as amateur (you will see what I mean If you decide to make one of these tops!  

Tip: If you already have a knot top undo the knot to see how you cut it

Fringe tank top!

I really love fringed tops - they are really cute and great for summer this time nobody's will look the same since you can make the fringe different lengths; you could make the whole thing shorter or longer ; and you could have loads of different designs and patterns!
Lets get started (lol), first you will need to cut your sleeves off since the fringe looks much better without them. Next cut up the bottom of your shirt and start making the fringe remember after every piece of fringe pull it so its more professional. Once you have finished all of the strands you are done.

Tip: Knot the end of each strand and cut off the excess for a neater and cleaner looking fringe :)

Geo x
Ps. Sorry for the late post family bussiness happened :(

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Twenty things about meee!

Hi :) x
Since this is my first blog, I thought I would do twenty facts about me. I hope you like it.

1. My name is Georgia but everyone likes to shorten it and call me geo... and sometimes George ugh !

2. This is my first blog post.

3. I am a girl.

4. I am 11 years old and starting year 7

5. I live in England.

6. We didn't feed my fish for 2 weeks whilst we where on holiday but he is still alive ?!?

7. I have 3 sisters (2 of them are half sisters) and one half brother.

8. My favourite colour is pink (nothing is as good as a little bit of pink).

9. People say I am obsessed with glitter!

10. I have two 1 year old cats called fifi and fudge that I still call kittens ......

11. One time I  had a pet lamb ! it was awesome....... (the farm took him away)

12. The one thing I HATE is spiders (I think its the legs lol)

13. I call all my friends chums (yolo)

14. I'm a bit -wait more than that- obsessed with YouTube

15. I have never moved house!

16. I love all classic Disney films !!!

17. I have been skiing and have decided to never go again - maybe I will stick to tobogganing.

18. My hair is blonde and goes down to my waist (he he)

19.My eyes are blue and I have never needed glasses.

20.I am going to say good bye now..... Good bye :) 

Geo x